Data Centre downtime is expensive
Riello UPS UPS

Data Centre downtime is expensive

Studies show outages are common and costly, which forces us to think if 99.99% is a myth. Downtime is certainly very expensive. Depending upon the organization, it cost – lost data, reduced productivity, brand reputation, sale loss, payouts etc. (Data Centre downtime is expensive )

For the person heading IT Infra, it’s a mission-critical to ensure the best, most reliable, and sustainable solution, which meets their requirement to manage and ensure reliable and sustainable power.

Riello UPS, the world renowned name in uninterrupted power supply solutions is always a first choice. Riello Next Energy UPS, the three phase UPS offering transformer free double conversion technology VFI SS111, integrating the latest IGBT three level design.

Next Energy is designed to meet the power requirements of tomorrow, offering the highest efficiency and low running cost in the category. Thanks to the Efficiency Control System (ECS) Next Energy also guarantees the highest levels of efficiency even at partial loads. Its range of product available from 250 to 800 KVA

Its unity power factor and easy system uploading make it an ideal solution for the business continuity of any application

Another hero product range Master HE, is the solution for high energy efficiency with maximum power and provides maximum protection and power quality, the range available is from 100 to 800 KVA

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Data Centre downtime is expensive

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