Riello Power Electrical Mirror July 2021 Anil Munjal CEO Interview
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Riello Power Electrical Mirror July 2021 Anil Munjal CEO Interview



1. How is RIELLO POWER business shaping up?

Riello started business operations in the late nineties in India and it has been an encouraging journey so far.  Our core business is power conditioning solutions and we manufacture Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), devices that ensure power quality and business continuity, guaranteeing power supply for all critical business applications. We manufacture our products in India and our range of UPS includes single-phase and three-phase UPS with power from 6kVA to 6.4 MVA with all topologies for healthcare, pharma, Data Centres, Telecommunication, IT and manufacturing industries, as well as aviation, engineering, financial services, education, hospitality, entertainment, defence, space, retail and many more applications where power continuity is a must.

2. How has the last financial year been for RIELLO POWER? What are the differences that you see in the market in the pre & post-lockdown period?

The impact of COVID-19 on the power conditioning sector is relatively less pronounced as compared to other sectors. Despite the lockdowns and limited economic activity, several essential industries that rely on continued power requirements have been running at a reasonable level. As a result, our business was not much affected. This pandemic condition has undoubtedly provided India with a chance to expand local manufacturing and industries. COVID has also emphasised the importance of the power conditioning business as more and more business operations rely on ondigital platforms now. We’re preparing ourselves at Riello to seize this opportunity and increase our market share.

3. How is RIELLO POWER playing a major role in ensuring the safety of the environment and energy efficiency through its products? Can you share about RIELLO POWER s’ products to address the situation?

Riello Power India is a UPS manufacturing company dedicated to continuously improving UPS technology through innovation and R&D initiatives in order to make our UPS solutions more and more energy-efficient and bring down carbon footprints and reduce heat losses. We are totally committed to our business philosophy of “reliable power for a sustainable world.” It is for this reason that the Riello UPS brand is consistently ranked among the top 5 players in the world. We’ve been at the forefront of the industry in developing future-oriented solutions that boost energy efficiency while ensuring reliable, resilient and scalable power.

4. Is there any new addition to your products list?

Yes, we have recently launched a new modular range of UPS as well as enhance our current range with new models of transformerless ON LINE UPSfor smaller and medium Data Centres and all mission-critical applications. These new UPS products facilitate Data Centres to be scalable, resilient and able to adapt to ever-changing demands while delivering outstanding performance and up to 97% efficiency.

5. How are you exactly contributing to the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ mission?

Riello UPS is a global brand and we entered the Indian market with a primary goal & vision to establish ourselves as a strong industry player and give a boost to the Indian economy. It is for this reason that we set up our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India and today, our company produces the widest range and ratings of UPS systems in India. Many of the components used in the manufacturing of our UPS systems are manufactured in India.

6. On the technical side, in what direction are we headed in the power conditioning industry? What are the trends?

Industry and all other business applications now place a higher value on clean, secure, scalable, reliable, energy-efficient, flexible, high-density as well as environmentally friendly power supply solutions. 

And Riello Power India is fully committed to delivering the same to the Industry.

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